Make Ahead Natural DIY Food Colorings

I’ll add some better pictures soon, but I wanted to show you the best way to be able to easily use natural, DIY food coloring – have it on hand, just like you used to with the food coloring droplets you used to keep in your spice drawer.

I make it ahead, when I happen to have the ingredients on hand (the fresh ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, that can spoil).  If I have a bit of spinach, I blend it up, squeeze out the darkly-colored water, freeze it, and use the spinach pulp in soups, with cottage cheese, or some other creative way.

I’ll pound down a handful of leftover blackberries, use the pulp for jam, and put the deeply colored clear juice in the freezer.

I’ll add more detail later, but I thought I’d post this to answer the questions I’ve gotten about the ‘convenience’ of it!

MMHomestead Homemade natural food coloring (from blackberries and spinach) in the freezer for easy, quick use 02MMHomestead Homemade natural food coloring (from blackberries and spinach) in the freezer for easy, quick use 01

If you make them ahead, when you happen to have the ingredients, it’s easy to pop them out of the freezer and use what you need in your recipe.

Here are the colors from fresh ingredients to make ahead when you have them on hand (other colors, like yellow, can be made quickly from turmeric, which can keep forever in your spice drawer):

Red: Raspberries
Purplish/Maroon: Blackberries
Green: Spinach

It’s time to start thinking of colorings as an ingredient from the kitchen, not the laboratory.

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Make Ahead Natural DIY Food Colorings
For the food colorings you make from fresh ingredients (perishable fruits & vegetables), you can extract the coloring yourself, ahead of time, and freeze it for convenient use when you need it.
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  1. Chrystal @ YUM eating February 10, 2014 at 9:44 am #

    Gosh, I never thought about keeping the juice for food coloring! I tend to make a lot of smoothies with my leftover fruits and vegetables, but this is a great idea!

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